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I felt that it should be a society bound closely together by ties of spiritual beauty; that it should in no sense be parochial, but that it’s membership should include students from every corner of the Earth.

I felt that the stranger in our own land should be able to find friends the instant he arrived; that should any of us travel afar, we would be able to find friends also - in any corner of the Earth.
— Arthur De Dion, founder of SARS

SARS presents

'How To Read A Vedic Chart’

An introduction to the Philosophy Vedic Astrology (Jyotish)

By Sid Dhiman

Wednesday 1 August - 7:00PM @ Sydney mechanics school of art

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In India the full name of Vedic Astrology is 'Jyotish', which means 'light that shines' (candle-flame), and the suffix 'sh' means 'best, wisest'. In full then, 'Jyotish' can be translated as 'the science of light' or 'the wisdom of the heavens' - The Light of Knowledge. 

In Vedic literature, the Earth is called 'MRITYUSTHANA' or 'The Place of Death' because everything on Earth eventually dies. But with every death there is a rebirth - there is renewal. In human terms this cycle of life and death and our individual place within it is the most important concept in Vedic Astrology. We fear death because from our prospective life is the only reality, but life is just another experience along the way: understanding this principle is the key to using VEDIC ASTROLOGY with all its insights in your life.

In this talk we will look at the principals of Vedic astrology, how the Planets (The Grahas) work in Vedic Astrology and Vedic tools of prediction. We will discuss a comparison between the western and Vedic tools, examining a chart example in the process. 

Sid Dhiman

Sid Dhiman

Sid's passion for astrology started during childhood where he developed a hunger for knowledge and research on the topic. As a Astrology-numerology-taro consultant, Sid is especially keen on understanding the differences and comparisons between the traditions. He has a background in computing, business management, hospitality, financial consulting and currently in his second year of Meditation teaching. 

All welcome.    Tea and coffee available from 7pm.
SARS Meetings held - 1st Floor of Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, 280 Pitt St – Sydney NSW

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