Welcome to the Sydney Astrological Research Society

I felt that it should be a society bound closely together by ties of spiritual beauty; that it should in no sense be parochial, but that it’s membership should include students from every corner of the Earth.

I felt that the stranger in our own land should be able to find friends the instant he arrived; that should any of us travel afar, we would be able to find friends also - in any corner of the Earth.
— Arthur De Dion, founder of SARS

September Talk
East Meets West: Western Astrology, the Shiva Shakti relationship and the Sacred Marriage.

By Daniel Sowelu

Wednesday Sept 4 2019, 7PM @ Sydney Mechanics school of art (LEVEL 1)  


At a time when tantra has become a spiritual fashion, with very mixed results, for anyone serious about real relationship evolution, whether in oneself or our clients, its important to be able to connect with the core archetypes of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine. While traditional planetary astrology touches on this territory, many of the asteroids are far more articulate about the subtleties, challenges and gifts of working towards the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine.

Please join us for an interesting interactive evening of lively astrology. All welcome. Tea and coffee available from 7pm. SARS Meetings held 1 st Floor of Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, 280 Pitt St – Sydney NSW Entry is $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

Contact: admin@sydneyastrology.org for more info.