Welcome to the Sydney Astrological Research Society

I felt that it should be a society bound closely together by ties of spiritual beauty; that it should in no sense be parochial, but that it’s membership should include students from every corner of the Earth.

I felt that the stranger in our own land should be able to find friends the instant he arrived; that should any of us travel afar, we would be able to find friends also - in any corner of the Earth.
— Arthur De Dion, founder of SARS


The Tarot is More Than a Deck of Cards: It is the Book of Life

WEDNESDAY April 3 2019, 7PM @ SYDNEY MECHANics school of art (LEVEL 1)

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Life offers us an infinite number of possibilities, yet we often limit ourselves through habit, fear of change or simple routine. Becoming confident with the Tarot is a process and practice.

When I prepare an Astrology/Tarot reading session’, I commence by looking at which planets are impacting the Clients Astrology chart through ‘transit’.  Astrology is like a map of their life from birth and the Tarot cards tell the story.....

The Client shuffles the Tarot cards and they select up to 12 cards. Astrology features very strongly in the Tarot cards! The Tarot cards also add colour and life!

Your ‘psychic abilities’ will open up by connecting to the Tarot cards. *If you have a Tarot deck please bring it with you!

Jennifer Houston   Email: jenniferkaye@bigpond.com