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I felt that it should be a society bound closely together by ties of spiritual beauty; that it should in no sense be parochial, but that it’s membership should include students from every corner of the Earth.

I felt that the stranger in our own land should be able to find friends the instant he arrived; that should any of us travel afar, we would be able to find friends also - in any corner of the Earth.
— Arthur De Dion, founder of SARS

SARS presents

'Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac’

By Benita Rainer

Wednesday 4 JULY - 7:00PM @ Sydney mechanics school of art

Benita Rainer Sydney Astrology
The soul grows by reincarnation in bodies provided by nature, more complex, more powerful, as the soul unfolds greater and greater faculties.
— Annie Besant

The soul has a purpose in each evolutionary cycle. We may Vortex many times through the wheel of the zodiac in the accomplishing of evolutionary soul transformation. 

Join us as we examine the astrological progression through the signs and houses from an evolutionary standpoint and reviewing the importance of the moons nodes.  

Throughout the talk we will play short sections of the 'Twelve songs' in order to illustrate the dynamics of each sign vibration. 

Benita Rainer


Benita Rainer is a poet, writer, lyricist, teacher and astrologer. Benita first studied Astrology in the late 1970’s and has done astrological readings for people ever since. She has explored the Tarot and has given psychic readings on a psychic phone line. She is an amateur artist and musician, and as both a vocalist and pianist, enjoys other instruments as well as all fine music. As lyricist, her most

Please join us for an interesting interactive evening of lively astrology.

All welcome.    Tea and coffee available from 7pm.
SARS Meetings held - 1st Floor of Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, 280 Pitt St – Sydney NSW

Entry is $12 for non -members.                                             Contact: admin@sydneyastrology.org for more information