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Magickal Language and Astrological Technique

Del Strachen

Del will introduce his method and system of Horary, using Astrology, Tarot and Number.

He will describe his system and its correspondences.   Then he will delineate a chart and present his explanations.   The third section involves doing a live interactive delineation from questions and current events with the audience.

“For those of you who have read in the traditional way and are seeking a new approach, I am now presenting my personal system in a practical, engaging talk, which I hope you will not only enjoy but perhaps integrate into your own readings.”

Del Strachen, in 1999, began his Astrology apprenticeship under Jonathon Robinson, who studied with the iconic Lionel E.I. Day.   Since his intensive training he has delivered thousands of astrological readings, which have led him to develop his own innovative Magickal Language and Astrological Method.    Del is a regular ‘reader’ at the Mind, Body and Spirit Expos in Sydney.