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How to Synthesize a Chart - Facilitated by Robyn Lee

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – Aristole.

This quote neatly sums up the process and meaning of what we, as astrologers, endeavour to do with chart interpretations.  

In this experiential Forum, Robyn will present a practical ‘12 Step Guide for Chart Interpretation’ for participants to apply to their own charts.   Work sheets will be provided and examples from attendees and discussion welcomed.   Suitable for all levels of astrology knowledge.

Robyn Lee (ex Reg. Nurse) is a counselling astrologer and APA member living in Sydney and is Secretary of SARS and an AANSW member.   She has taught, lectured and facilitated workshops in astrology as well as experiential Asteroid Goddess workshops.   She is also life Member of the Perth and Sydney C.G. Jung Societies.