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Astrology has been described as the golden key and Tarot the silver. In 1785 the French occultist Alliette devised a set of correspondences between the Tarot and Astrology. Later, other mystics and philosophers also observed that astrological correlations ran like a silver thread through the Tarot.

Drawing from both modalities, we will explore these links and how a knowledge of the Tarot can expand your awareness and broaden your understanding of the elements, the signs and the planets. Be prepared for some surprising insights!

Bring your Astrology chart and your Tarot cards (if you have them).

Molly is also a speaker at the 2016 FAA Conference in Sydney.


For over 30 years Molly has lived with her twin passions of astrology and tarot and watched them working in her own life and the lives of others. She is an insightful practitioner whose long experience as a reader, writer and teacher enhances the depth and quality of her work. Her philosophy is that learning should be fun and students enjoy her ability to break down a complex subject into simple steps.

Molly is a professional member of both the Association of Professional Astrologers and the Tarot Guild of Australia and has taught astrology and tarot since 1998. She also holds a Level One certificate with Steven Forrest in evolutionary astrology and is a regular contributor to the annual Astrology Wellbeing magazine. Her vision is to introduce the value of Astrology and Tarot to as many people as possible. Molly looks forward to meeting you and sharing her insights.