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Spirit & Soul - The Living Cosmos

  • SARS Level 1 280 Pitt St Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia (map)

How do we reconcile consciousness? Is Spirit - Soul? IF not, then what is Spirit, & what is Soul.

For many thousands of years human kind has philosophised the nature of life and reality, existence!

The history of astrology is tied to the evolution of humans and their development into so called consciousness.

Many cultures have advocated reincarnation in some form. Astrology, and the branch known as evolutionary astrology, base their theory on this statement.  Eastern cultural philosophy speaks of Dharma, & Karma.

As we move forward, ("The Aquarian Age" and all it will manifest, artificial intelligence, living on other planets, space and Time, Quantum physics) these new situations & surroundings will set challengers to this ever present question!