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Asteroid Goddess Ceres ~ in the 12 Zodiac Fields“

The mythology around Ceres is beautifully and mysteriously complex, yet in these contemporary times her story is visible everywhere, continuously renewing our understanding of the world we live in. From the aptly named NASA Dawn Mission currently circling the Asteroid/Dwarf Planet Ceres, to the deeply archetypal journey of ‘life, death and rebirth’, her ‘creative seeds’ continue to be revived and nurtured.

Through looking at the charts of some amazing and ‘ordinary’ people’s lives we will see how these seeds have flourished and grown. By exploring Ceres in the 12 ‘fields’ of the Zodiac you will be able to reflect on your own story of this Goddess.

Robyn Lee (ex Reg. Nurse) has been in private practice as a counselling Astrologer since 1988 and is a practitioner and foundation member of the Association of Professional Astrologers (APA). Since moving to Sydney in 2012 she has given talks to SARS and AANSW. In Perth she taught, lectured and facilitated workshops in astrology and the Asteroid Goddesses. She has an ongoing interest in Jungian psychology, mythology, symbolism and eco-spirituality. Robyn is currently Secretary of SARS (Sydney Astrological Research Society) and is an AANSW member.
Robyn grew up in country south island of New Zealand where the seasonal cycles were clearly demarcated and the beautiful and fascinating starry night sky was crystal clear.