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Uranus, Neptune…… and the birth of the Internet

1989 was a defining year in world affairs; the year apartheid in South Africa began to be dismantled, the year that students occupied Tiananmen Square in Beijing, and the year that the Berlin Wall came down, marking the end of Communist rule in Europe.

It was also the year that the World Wide Web, or global internet was born, paving the way for the ‘Age of Technology’ and a wave of change that defines so much of modern life.

As would be expected 1989 was a pivotal year astrologically, with Uranus and Neptune being joined by Saturn in a triple conjunction in Capricorn.

In this presentation the relationship between the 20th century’s second and final outer planet conjunction (there are none in the 21st century), and the technological revolution, will be explored, against the historical/cultural backdrop of the Uranus /Neptune cycle and its energetic workings.

Bob began studying Astrology in the late 1980’s… and has never stopped! His interests are many; personal, relational, global, archetypal. In particular he is drawn to the possibilities inherent in a fusion of traditional and esoteric astrology teachings.

For the past 25 years Bob has undertaken chart readings and compiled astrological reports, including for children, focused on a free will approach where the individual’s choice is ever the key 'influence'.  He has presented lectures and workshops on astrological themes (“The Rise of the Feminine”, “Mayans, Mayhem and Maya”, “Prometheus Then and Now” and “The Rulers of the Soul”), written a blog – “Across the Universe” and led regular Astrology Classes at The Leonis School, Belrose ( He is currently an AANSW member.

Bob is also a practicing Meditation and Movements Teacher and a part time author, currently part way through a book on the evolution of consciousness titled “I Am – The Enigma of Being Human”.  

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