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The Power of Her Majesty: Queen Victoria’s Reign

By Anne Robertson

All things to do with Queen Victoria and her reign are very much the zeitgeist inspiring numerous biographies, movies and telemovies about her life and work.

In this presentation Anne will explore the mystique of this powerful woman who ascended the throne as a mere teenager of 18 years and became the most powerful woman in the world whose reign spanned 64 years, the duration of which was only recently eclipsed by that of Queen Elizabeth II.

She gave birth to nine children and survived eight assassination attempts over the course her lifetime. She was a symbol of steadfastness and security – Queen of a quarter of the world’s population at the height of the British Empire’s reach. Anne will examine the natal chart of Queen Victoria and charts of those who were major players during her reign including her husband, the Prince Consort Albert, some of her Prime Ministers and members of her household and other significant family members.

Anne Robertson was given her first book on Greek mythology for her seventh birthday by her schoolteacher parents sparking a lifelong fascination with the imaginal realm. Anne and her sister, Sue, were inspired to design a set of astrology greeting cards drawing on the different feminine archetypes after attending a two year mythology series run by the C.G. Jung Society of Sydney. Anne is an experienced astrologer, counsellor, healer, teacher, writer and inspirational speaker. She has been involved in the areas of astrology, transpersonal psychotherapy and the healing arts for over three decades.

Anne is a member of AANSW and is a former committee member of SARS writing the reviews of talks given by guest speakers for Sydney Astrology website and facebook. She has made regular appearances on radio and has appeared on television. Anne is a published poet, has written book reviews for Adyar Booknews, has contributed articles to astrology magazines and has featured in Good Health and Medicine. Anne has given lectures and seminars on to diverse groups including Newcastle FAA, women’s groups, health professionals, SARS, Sydney and Melbourne FAA and Theosophical Societies, Melbourne Goodwill, CAE, and Uni of the Third Age.   

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