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Juno: Queen of Heaven; Mother of Mars; Soul Generator

By Robyn Lee

Juno’s multiple ‘names’, attributes and mythology point to her being a glorious primary ‘Goddess/deity’ in the cultural business of woman-hood.   

Juno in a chart indicates where the generative, protective guardian Genii, or soul/spirit of ones ‘being’ resides and seeks union, foremost within ourselves and then with others.   

In this talk we will explore some of Juno’s many themes as well as looking at some notable charts – e.g. Elizabeth Taylor – ‘Queen of the Hollywood’ and her many ‘husbands’.  


Robyn Lee (ex Reg. Nurse) has been in private practice as a counselling Astrologer since 1988 and is a practitioner and foundation member of the Association of Professional Astrologers (APA).  Since moving to Sydney in 2012 she has given talks to SARS and AANSW.   In Perth she taught, lectured and facilitated workshops in astrology and the Asteroid Goddesses.   She has an ongoing interest in Jungian psychology, mythology, symbolism and eco-spirituality. Robyn is currently Secretary of SARS (Sydney Astrological Research Society) and is an AANSW member.

Robyn grew up in country south island of New Zealand where the seasonal cycles were clearly demarcated and the beautiful and fascinating starry night sky was crystal clear.

Later Event: 5 April
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