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Go With The Flow – Navigating The Neptune Transit.

Neptune is arguably the most misunderstood planet In Astrology. Often coined the planet of illusion, fog, dreams and betrayal we tend to overlook the incredible ‘knowing’ stored deep within. Neptune’s insight can guide us beautifully if we can just get in tune. In this talk we will learn how Neptune in transit calls for a profound sense of release and inner connection, transcending the control and stress we hold on tothat keeps us disappointed and dominates our lives.

Marc Laurenson Bio

Marc’s passion for Astrology started at a very early age buying his first Astrology book at the age of 10 and he never looked back.

After many years of self-study influenced by an Evolutionary approach to Astrology he began client work using Astrology as a tool to help and coach people lead more fulfilling lives. 

Marc opened his own Astrological Consultation business Marc Laurenson Astrology in 2007 and soon after that createdSydney Astrology School that has been running successfully for the past 11 years, where he is the key facilitator.

Marc has shared his knowledge on the talk and lecture circuit throughout Australia and New Zealand for the AANSW, SARS, QFA and AFNZ. He has written for many publications including Wellbeing Astrology Magazine, SuperLiving, Sage, FAA Journal and Use Nature. He also has appeared on the Channel 10 news with Astro updates.

Marc will be a speaker at the next FAA Conference in Melbourne and the IVC Conference in India in 2020.

Marc has the FAA Diploma in Astrology receiving the Gold Medal with his accreditation.

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