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Robin Williams - This Is Your Life!

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Robin Williams, American actor and comedian born in Chicago, began his career performing stand-up comedy before becoming a feature film actor.  He was known for his improvisation skills and voted the funniest person of all time.  On August 11, 2014 Williams committed suicide in his California home at the age of 63.  

Using Williams’s chart, Christina identifies life’s lessons by looking at his pre-natal eclipses.


As the name describes, a “Pre-Natal Eclipse” is a Solar or Lunar Eclipse that occurs during your time in utero.  These pre-natal eclipses describe the energy that the Universe has invested in you and any possible karmic lessons to share during your stay here on Earth.  It’s a karmic contract,describing lessons to learn and share as part of your Soul’s growth.

A Solar Eclipse whilst you are in utero describes your responsibilities to the collective during your lifetime.  The gifts the Universe has given to share with and teach others.  If used wisely the lesson can ease your own burdens.   How does this relate to Williams?

A Lunar Eclipse describes what is needed for your own Soul’s growth.  Describing what you have to learn, where you can be hurt and continue any Soul growth.  Some suggest that evolved Souls co-operate with these Universal contracts by sharing Solar teachings and mastering Lunar lessons.


These lessons can be used positively or negatively, the choice is yours.  For example your lesson may be to teach honesty.  You can ether teach others this lesson by being honest yourself or by being dishonest, the choice is yours.  Others will still learn about honesty but can become a negative for you.  As usual, the sign describes what we are teaching or learning and the house shows us where we will teach or where we will learn it.

Your “station in life” includes such things as age bracket, marital status, whether or not you have children, whether you are a priest, religious or layperson, perhaps your work status…. Basically it’s your social standing.  Despite your social standing or station in life, we all have our lessons to teach and learn!Join us to gain insight into your Soul’s code.


Biography - Christine Thomas (aka Christina Stargazer) is a consultant, researcher and writer who practices Astrology and Numerology in NSW, Australia.  Christine has also studied with Doreen Virtue to become an advanced Angel Intuitive.  Christine teaches Astrology to a professional level.  Christine facilitates workshops and presents to a variety of community and social groups.  Christine has spoken at Federation of Australian Astrologers Conferences, Breaking Down the Borders Online Conference and co-coordinates the South Coast Astrology Group.  She specialises in Horary Astrology (The Art of Asking a Question) and is trained to facilitate Circle Work.

Christine currently sits on the Committee of the Astrologer Association NSW (, Co Convenor of the 21st FAA International Astrology Conference in 2016, serves as a NSW Representative on the National Council of the Federation of Australia Astrologers, is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers ( and served for 6 years on the international Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN) Steering Committee (  Christine’s astrological writings have been published in magazines including BIG LEAGUE ®, TRIBE ® Magazines and soon Wellbeing Magazine ®.  Christina currently the AANSW Web Mistress.