The following events are a mix of SARS events and events within the astrological community. 

Soul-centric Astrology

Saturday June 23 2018, Warners Bay (NEWCASTLE)

What is the soul and what is its purpose? According to spiritual teacher Jean Huston it is “the lure of our becoming”. From other perspectives it is a path, the path of the soul, upon which our true or higher destiny plays out.

Esoteric, or soul-centric, astrology is that branch of astrology which focuses on the nature of the soul and its potential, leading to a deeper realisation of the individuals place within the plan of evolution.From the esoteric tradition the story of Hercules and his twelve great Labour’s, or tests, has been passed on as a unique astrological description of the journey toward soul realisation. At each stageand in each of the twelve signs challenge sare met and lessons learned. The disciple/traveller, equipped with a growing understanding of the relationship between the world of form (the personality) and the inner essence (the soul), is drawn around the wheel and ever toward the goal.