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A practical look at how traditional horary techniques can be applied in a contemporary format for client-centered astrology. Incorporating consultation and horary charts with common techniques available to most psychological astrologers we will explore how the simple use of horary can lead to far greater accuracy in client work, revealing deeper archetypal themes which seek to be expressed both in the moment and over time.

Damian Rocks (M.A, AdvDip Ayurveda, Dip Astro FAA)

Damian Rocks is a professional astrologer, teacher and writer. He runs a busy practice in Sydney, Australia and is the founder of www.starslikeyou.com.au, a well known website visited by thousands of people each month. 

Damian is passionate about astrology, health, and wellbeing. In 2014 Damian opened his own wellness centre in Sydney dedicated to holistic health and astrology. 

He holds an MA from Bath Spa University England (Cultural Astrology and Astronomy) 2005, a Federation Australian Astrologers (FAA) Diploma of Astrology and in 2012 was awarded the FAA Gold Medal for Excellence, having achieved the highest scores in all exam areas. He teaches a Diploma of Astrology course in Sydney as well as online, and is available for private consultations, tuition and speaking engagements.

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