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  • SARS 280 Pitt St Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia (map)

What we ‘believe’ in determines who we are and either expands or limits our future. In extreme cases it can spell the difference between life or death. How do we determine belief astrologically - both for the individual and the national narrative? This thoroughly researched lecture looks at the astrological signature connected to beliefs and the people behind them. It also examines the question can our thoughts change matter and even our own physical being. The Astrology of Belief and the planets involved is bound to change the way you think about astrology and the world. 

Researcher and writer Ed Tamplin, caught the astrology bug even before his teens. He is a full time professional consultant, renowned for his mundane research work and media presence. For over a decade Ed co-hosted a two-hour astrological radio program that rated number one in Sydney, garnering an extraordinary 23% of the available listening audience. Since 2005 Ed has authored the ‘Eye In The Sky’ column for the FAA quarterly journal. Ed is a co-principal of the Sirius Astrology School and has long been a prominent lecturer throughout Australia. His articles are published internationally and through his popular website

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