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Rock and Rolling with Progressions

  • Sydney Mechanics School of art (map)

By Rozlyn Noble

The aspiring musician and his band were destined to become famous rock stars.  The lead singer had a natal Sun at almost 12º Virgo.  Using the predictive technique of Secondary Progressions, it would indicate that a major event would occur at aged 18, when his progressed Sun changed signs into Libra. (12+18=30).  Based on the day-for-a-year formula, this symbolic method of time is easy to understand and incredibly informative.  The movements of the planets over the first 90 or so days after birth correlate to 90 years of life.

Who was this famous rock star?  What happened when he was 18 years old?  How did the progressions of the Sun, Moon and other planets indicate events in his life?  Come along to the SARS meeting and find out while gaining a thorough understanding of how to utilise the popular tool of Secondary progressions in your own astrology chart or that of friends and clients.

How have the progressed planets impacted your chart? When a progressed planet changes zodiac sign, changes direction of movement, forms relationships to other natal planets or emphasizes a degree of the zodiac then this will have meaning for the individual.

This presentation will focus mainly on the Progressed Moon, progressed lunar cycles and the Progressed Sun. Through this you will gain an understanding of how the Moon and Sun can express their energies as they progress through different houses and signs.  The information gained by looking at these planets can give you immense knowledge relating to themes and patterns occurring now and in the future.  This can be a wonderful aid for the predictive astrologer.

Example charts will be shown to fully explain the process.

Bio: Astrology has been a lifelong interest for Rozlyn culminating in 2016 with achieving the Diploma of Astrology from the FAA, and also the certificate in Horary from the STA. She is a current member of the AANSW.

Rozlyn specialises in the ancient technique of Horary.  She utilises both traditional and modern astrology methods to bring rich perspective to the questions clients bring.

Rozlyn is also a co-director and owner of Noble Performance Solutions – a business/leadership consulting organisation and has applied Horary astrology with international executives during times of transition/change. 

Originally from New Zealand, Rozlyn has lived in Australia for 20 years. She is a keen adventurer, participating in expeditions climbing, hiking, rafting and skiing around the globe.