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Witnessing the Inner Astronomy

A Talk by Sudhir


Thousands of years ago the great mystic Patanjali, in his Yoga Sutra’s, invited his disciples to meditate on the Sun to gain knowledge of the solar system, to meditate on the Moon, to gain knowledge of the arrangement of the stars – and to meditate on the Pole Star to gain knowledge of the movement of the stars.

In this talk Sudhir will explore the meaning and implications of these invitations. In particular he will invite listeners to get curious about the symbol of the Pole Star and see where it might fit in a psychological and spiritual reading of a person’s chart. We will have a go at not just thinking about these things but experiencing what they might mean.

Sudhir's Bio

Sudhir trained in experiential astrology in the USA in 1985. Experiential astrology is a creative counselling tool that combines astrology with gestalt, psychodrama and more. This approach offers people a direct, astrologically-focused experience of self-awareness. He was one of the very first people to bring this modality to Australia. He has offered individual, couples and group astrology sessions and readings in Australia, New Zealand and in India for over thirty years. He has also helped train other experiential astrologers along the way.

Sudhir’s astrology columns have been published in newspapers, magazines and on-line for 25 years. His written work is syndicated nationally and internationally by Auspac Media.He has worked on television, been featured various magazines, taught experiential astrology in jails, guest lectured at a university and published two books.

Sudhir has a counselling degree from the Jansen Newman Institute in Sydney. As well as being an astrologer, heworks as a support worker with people with acute and persistent mental health issues in Kings Cross/Woolloomooloo. He has recently completed a Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies through the Trauma Centre at the Justice Research Institute in Boston USA.

Books and Publications

‘From Idiocy to Buddhahood’ 1983, Self-Published (Silent Bang Productions)

‘Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested’ (1st Edition) 2009,  Boolarong Press

‘Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested’ (2nd Edition) 2017 (ebook) Vivid Publishing, distributed by Fontaine Publishing Group Australia (available through ibooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Reader, Kobo, eBookPie, Copia and Gardners Books)

Recent Features and Columns

The New Yearly Astrology Forecast (News Ltd) Sydney Sunday Telegraph, Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun, Perth Sunday Times, Brisbane Sunday Mail, Adelaide Sunday Mail. The New Financial Yearly Astrology Forecast (News Ltd) The West Australian,

Adelaide Advertiser

Regular Columns in Print and On-line

Herald-Voice Newspapers - Western Australia (25 years in print), The Weekly Times - Victoria, Canungra Times, The Leader Newspaper, Fairlady Magazine, South Africa and

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Witnessing the Inner Astronomy