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The Planets in Essence: Understanding how the planets work and what part of the psyche they motivate.

Dianne Wise-Carroll


In Astrology today, with computers and technical ‘know how’, it is possible for the first time in human history ‘everyday’ people can get to understand real Astrology.   

For several years now I've been working on ways to simplify the understanding of what your astrological chart represents.   This enables people to look at their own natal chart and gain self-understanding.    We may not all have a life-long interest in Astrology, but we all have a life-long interest in our particular lives.   Once a person knows their chart it's easy in today's world with the aid of a computer to get the daily transits and place them around the chart.   

My talk is designed for you to look at quick and easy ways to grasp and absorb the effects of the planets and through the signs and houses.    

Dianne Wise-Carroll had her first taste of astrology in 1970 when she learnt and helped a work colleague understand a ‘DIY Astrology kit’ she had ordered from over-seas.   Since then Dianne’s interest in Astrology has been life-long. Dianne believes that if people understand their basic chart this opens real astrology to more people and in turn can encourage people to see Astrologers for further ‘expert’ understanding.   Dianne incorporates her design skills in her Astrology presentations.

Later Event: 11 December