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Karmic Nodal Axis in Vedic Astrology

The nodal axis defines the evolutionary path of consciousness and the purpose of our incarnation.   Rahu and Ketu govern subjective consciousness and are about discovering who we really are and the path of growth of our consciousness towards spirit.

In this talk and discussion Yatin will be looking at how the Moon’s Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are viewed from the Vedic perspective viz a vis Western Astrology.     He will cover the mythology and symbolism and also the esoteric viewpoint of the Nodal axis through the Natal houses and by transit.   He will also touch upon desires and karmas locked within 6th house.  

Yatin Kotwal is a committee member of SARSand has been studying Vedic astrology for the past 20 years.   He is a certified by Saptarishi Astrology Research Group in Bhrigu and Nakshatra Constellation system of prognostication and has been doing readings as a hobby.    He has a keen interest in, Western psychodynamic astrology, Numerology and works in IT.

Yatin is available for Vedic chart readings on Sundays at Ben Haynes’ (SARS member) shop at