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Coming Full Circle

By Christine Thomas

So what is “Circle Work” or “Experiential Astrology” and how is it different from intellectualising over your natal chart? The main difference is you are taken out of your head and get a chance to jump into your body. Both are important however most often we have not experienced the latter. Does your head rule your heart or your heart rule your head, or both? Astrology teaches that life is cyclic. We learn about the future by studying and exploring the past, nothing new there. Neptune has well and truly ingressed into Pisces, we might imagine this now to be the case. What was happening the last time Neptune moved into the sign of the fishes? We will take a “look” experientially! Come join Christina, jump onto the circle, and take an experiential Astrological ride of your life (participation is encouraged but not compulsory). Christina will facilitate and walk you through the charts of a few most memorable moments in time. Will you be able to pick the date? Time permitting and willingness to participate may include some personal work so make sure you bring your natal chart along on the day.

Christine Thomas is a consultant, teacher, researcher and writer who practices Astrology and Numerology in the Illawarra, South Coast & Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Christine is on the Committee of the Astrological Association of New South Wales. Recently Christina Co-Convened the 21st International FAA Astrological Conference that was held in Sydney earlier this year

Christine was trained to facilitate circle work by Parampara Hughes founder of Astro*Varsity, Academy of Astrology and the Healing Arts. Parampara combined Astrology, Psychology and Mythology with Astro-counselling, Voice Dialogue and Narrative Techniques.

Christina’s Specialties Include: Horary Astrology has allowed Christine to assist clients find lost or misplaced items. This is Christina’s passion. Christine's astrological writings have been published magazines including BIG LEAGUE ® and TRIBE ® Magazine.